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DVD & Digital Transfer Rates

We safely & quickly transfer videotape and VHS to Digital files or DVD using our state of the art equipment and software to ensure the highest quality.

 Note:  The quality of the video transfer directly reflects the condition of the original material.

Formats: VHS/ SVHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, and Mini-DV formats

DVD ………… $40.00 up to 2 hours on 1 DVD     
Quantity Discounts Available - as low as $25 per DVD.   Please call for quote.

(Combine Multiple tapes onto 1 DVD  …......  add $5.00 per tape change)

         ·          Up to 2 hours of video from 1 tape.
·          Preset chapter points to move you through your footage.
·          Includes printed disc face & album case.

Digital MP4 Files  ………… $20.00/hr + USB Media    
* Quantity Discounts Available - as low as $16 per hour.  * Tape change fee may apply.    Call for quote.

·        Converting your videotapes to digital files will give you much more flexibility. Digital video files can be stored on a flash drive, hard drive, computer, device or cloud. They can also be edited, emailed, copied, uploaded and more. You can even make you’re own DVDs.

Convert transferred DVD to Digital mp4 file ........ $12 per DVD + USB Media
* Must be ordered at time of transfer.    Please call for details.


Extra copies  ………….. please call

* Please contact us  for volume discounts and quotes.



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