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DVD & Digital Files

Convert your videos to DVD or Digital and make your memories last a lifetime.

We safely & quickly transfer videotape and VHS to Digital files or DVD using our state of the art equipment and software to ensure the highest quality.   


What are the Benfits of DVD?

  • Quality: DVD's offer high-quality video and audio playback with nearly 2 times the resolution of older video formats like VHS and takes up a fraction of the shelf space of a VHS tape.

  • No Degradation:  DVD's are read with lasers so it is not physically touched while it plays.  DVD's won't wear out with each play, won't jam in your VCR, and cannot be inadvertently recorded over.

  • Direct Access:  A menu screen can be added to your DVD, so you can select your movies by title on the TV screen and easily jump to an exact location so you can find what you are looking for without having to view the entire disc. 

  • We can combine multiple videotapes onto a single DVD (up to 2 hours) with chapters for each tape.  This consolidates space and makes your viewing experience more convenient and enjoyable. 

  • Digital Files (mp4) / Convert Videotapes to DVD or Digital Files?
    Camcorder tapes and VHS tapes can be transferred to digital files, DVDs or both. DVDs are very convenient for viewing your captured memories on a television or computer. However the video files can only be taken off the discs using specialized software, making editing, emailing and uploading to the internet difficult. They also require you to have a DVD player.   

    Converting your videotapes to digital files will give you even more flexibility.  Digital video files can be stored on a flash drive, hard drive, computer, device or cloud. They can also be edited, emailed, copied, uploaded and more. You can even make you’re own DVDs.        


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