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What is DVD-R ?

DVD-R is a 4.7GB disc with a single side/single layer.  The video and audio data is written to the disc in a manner similar to that of an audio CD.  It is compatible with nearly all players currently being manufactured.  It can contain up to 120 minutes of high quality video using state of the art hardware found at TAKE-ONE Video Productions.



How much video can I fit onto a DVD disc ?

The capacity of a DVD disc depends on the level of video quality saved to it.  Because we have to balance video quality with length of play, we offer a choice of  2 recording modes:  1 hour for the best quality or 2 hours at a slightly lower picture quality.  Please note that the quality of a DVD cannot exceed that of the video source from which it is mastered, so if the master tape is on VHS, the quality of the DVD will not exceed that of VHS.

I want to transfer my videotapes to DVD but I'm not sure how long they are.  What should I do?

For a worst case scenario I recommend working on the assumption that all of your tapes are full. Hence, a VHS T-120 would be a full 2 hours as would an 8 MM 120 tape. VHS-C tapes can be another matter. These tapes are shorter than VHS and 8 MM (20 to 40 minutes in length). However some users switched the recording speed on their camcorders from SP (The faster high quality setting) to EP or SLP (the slower and consequently lower quality setting that effectively tripled the length of the recording time).   Most of the VHS-C tapes we come across are recorded in SP mode which is good news for a couple of reasons.  First, we’ll be able to fit more of them onto a single dvd and second, the quality will be much improved over tapes recorded in extended play modes.   If you need a more accurate cost estimate we'll be happy to run your tapes through my machine prior to transfer to determine an exact total running time of each tape. Once this is done we can contact you with an exact number of 2 hour DVDs you need to transfer all of your material.


Why are DVD conversion prices higher than a DVD purchased at the store ?

DVD's published for mass distribution (i.e. hollywood movies) are manufactured, not recorded.  Your DVD is a customized product requiring many hours to produce. 



Will my DVD transfer play in my DVD player or Computer?

The DVD disc(s)  you receive from TAKE-ONE Video Productions are 100% DVD compliant as specified by the DVD Consortium - the group that conceived the DVD format.  These specifications are the commonly used standards for all disc and player manufacturers.  However,  the manufacturers of some first generation players- those introduced to the market before 1999 - failed to meet those specifications in their rush to get players onto America's shelves.  As a result these players present varying degrees of disc/player incompatibility - particularly when playing DVD-R discs.  Most current players on the market today are capable of playing a DVD-R disc, which is the type of disc your video is transferred onto. If you have purchased an incompatible DVD player you can return or buy a new  player; or return your disc (within 30 days) for a complete refund.  


Why won't a DVD-R  play in all DVD players ? 
A DVD-R is a recordable DVD (just like a recordable CD-R is a recordable CD).  Movie DVDs are replicated using a very complex and expensive Master -> Stamper -> Molding  process.  To make one or two discs is expensive because a glass master must be recorded in a clean room and metalized and so on.  A DVD-R is a "one-off" recording.  It is specially made so that a laser can shoot through the plastic and record onto a recordable layer.  Unfortunately, the reflectivity (among other things) is much lower for a DVD-R as compared to a replicate DVD.  Some DVD player manufacturers did not take this into account when they designed their units, and that means the DVD-R won't play.an continually update our compatibility list..   

 Note:   The quality of the video transfer directly reflects the condition of the original material. an continually update our cpatibility list.