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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be shooting and editing my video? 

All taping and editing are done personally and in our own studio.  We do not subcontract work out to freelancers or double book affairs. This allows us to keep the quality and creativity of our videos consistent, and give your special day all the attention and resources it deserves.


Can you send me a sample video?  

It is our policy not to send out samples of our work.  We prefer meeting our prospective clients in person to show several samples of our videos.  This allows us to get to know you and what you like and don't like about a video.


How long are you at the event? 

Coverage time starts at three hours and can be customized for each event.. After the contracted time, overtime rates apply per half hour.


How long are the completed videos? 

As you can imagine the length of a finished video can vary considerably and depends on several factors (i.e. speeches, ceremony).  Typically a video is about  1 1/2 hours.


Do I get the raw (Un-edited) camera footage? 

The answer to that is “Yes” and “No”. No, the recorded media is not automatically included and here’s why.
The recorded digital media files are designed to play and edit with professional hardware/software and may not play in your typical home computer or DVD player.  However, if you’d like to have copies of the raw footage burned onto DVD or USB thumb drive, we will gladly do so for an additional charge. 

When will I get my finished video? 

Normal production time is three to four weeks after the event.  We encourage everyone to gather the invitation, all photos and music for the picture montage and have them for us prior to or at the event, in order to prevent unnecessary delays.

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