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FAQ Photo Transfer

How do I get started?

  1. Collect your photos & music selections.
  2. Put you photos in order and number the back of each photo in the order they should go.  Do NOT use a marker as this can transfer onto your photo.
  3. Time your photos and songs by flipping through the photos as you listen to your music (flip every six seconds)
  4. Fill in your music selection worksheet with the music choices and the # of the photos that go with them.


How many photos do I need for my montage?

We usually transfer your photos at 5 - 7 second intervals, depending on the content of the photo and your music selection.  You can safely figure that every 10 photos will produce 1 minute of video.  When planning your photo montage presentation, consider the type of audience - this may affect the length of your video as well as your choice of music & photos.


What size photos can I use?

We can use any standard-size photo up to 8x10.   Please note that close-up photos in the vertical format (i.e. school portraits) don't allow us to zoom-in enough to keep the TV format without cutting the head or chin; therefore they may have a white border on both sides.  Vertical photos work fine if it is not a close-up.  TV format photos (i.e. horizontal or landscape)  are the best options.


Can I give you a framed picture if I can't remove the photo?

Yes. Please be aware that the quality of the transferred image might be affected (i.e. glare or dirty glass).  We also accept photo albums as long as you indicate which page/photo to capture. 


I have a picture with three people and I would like to crop 2 of the people?

We can crop sections of your photo, depending upon where they are located in the photo.  Please indicate your requirements by placing a post-it note on the photo with instructions.


Can I print my own title page?

Yes.  Make sure to print them in landscape (horizontal) format and leave 2" margins on all sides.  If you create your own title page, it counts as a photo.


Do you play my song selections all the way to the end?

This depends on how many photos are in the section.  If your song selection is longer than the video images we will dissolve/ fade from one song to the next.  If your song is shorter than the images, we will attempt to loop/extend the song to fit with your sections.  If requested, we can also use part of a song (i.e. skip a musical intro, verse, or interlude).  When filling out your music selection worksheet, please indicate specific requests, if possible using the "time" from your cd players display.


How can I view my Photo Montage?

Your completed photo montage can be mastered onto VHS, DVD, Video-CD and many other video formats.  You can then view it on any VCR, DVD player, or computer. 
We also offer large screen projections  for that movie like experience.

How long does it take to create my montage?

Our normal turn around time to create a slide show is 14 days.  If you require us to create the show in 7 days or less, additional "rush"  fee's may be charged.   Please give us a call if you need assistance in organizing your photos and media.


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