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Film Transfer FAQ


How Do I Know what type of Film
I Have ?

The sprocket hole sizes on each film type are different. Also, the center hole in the middle of the reel that fits on the projector arm is of a different size. Regular 8 has a 1/4 inch hole and super8 has a 1/2 inch center hole.




I have all this film and have no idea how to put them in order. Do you have any suggestions?

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is to try to arrange them by the info that (hopefully) somebody has written on the box. Failing this, some 8mm films, especially those shot in the 30's, 40's and 50's were sent back to the customer through the mail. These boxes will sometimes contain a postmark. Lastly, on the boxes there might be a 'use by' date, which while might not give you an exact date of the film, it is better than nothing. 

One note of caution, however, if you use an old projector to try to put the films in order, be very cautious as old projectors have a tendency to 'eat' the film, so take care with these sometimes fragile films.


How do I calculate how much film I have?

Often, there are markings along the spokes of the reels which indicate 50’, 100’, 200’, 300’ increments etc. You can use these marking to estimate your film conversion order price. If there are no marking, we will calculate the cost after running the film and counting the actual feet processed.
Note: If you have an 8mm film box which states that it contains a reel of 25 feet, the actual exposure length is 50 feet. This is because 8mm film is actually 16mm film cut in half. One half is exposed and then turned over to expose the other half. The two film strips are then attached to make 50 feet. After processing, the reels were returned in their original boxes.


Do you edit my film?

We limit our editing to adding appropriate background music, if requested.  If you are interested in editing your own film i.e. adding titles, deleting poor quality or repetitive sections, we can do so for an additional charge.



After transfer, can or should I dispose of our old movies?

NO. If kept in a cool, dry area. your movie film can last a very long time.  Also, if something happens to the transfers, you can still have the film transferred again.


 Note:  The quality of the video transfer directly reflects the condition of the original material.


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