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Why would I need to edit?
Editing can be used to creatively give your video better pacing and a more professional look.  Through editing, we can eliminate "glitches" between scenes or add titles, music, still photos and special effects.   A well edited tape will look far more polished and thus be more enjoyable to watch.


How long will the editing take?
Editing can be very time consuming and depends on the type of editing project.  It is our goal to complete your project in the shortest time possible, while still providing the highest level of quality.  Please give us a call for an estimate for your project.


Do I have to be present for the edit session?
Not necessarily.  Many of our clients save time by dropping off their projects with detailed directions so that we can begin to edit their video. When completed they come back to view, touch-up and approve.
We recommend, if possible,  that the client be present during certain edit sessions in order to insure the most efficient use of editing time and allow more creative input.


What about special effects ?
We can do just about whatever you want -  fades, dissolves, wipes, titles, slow motion, voice-over/naaration, etc.  Just let us know what effects you would like.


Do you edit on a computer ?  And What is Digital ?
Yes.  Our computer "non-linear" editing is completely digital.  We can also take your analog tape and convert it to digital.  Once digital editing begins there is no loss of quality and the final product will look as good as the original video. 


What if I just need simple editing - two tapes combined to one or just cutting out a piece of video or audio?
This type of editing is less complex and can often be accomplished through linear or "tape to tape" editing.  This process is less expensive but with limited effect capabilities.


Can my completed video be put onto DVD?
Yes.  We can put your finished video onto DVD, CD-ROM, and other formats.


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